What is LikeMinded?

LikeMinded is a crowdfunding tool that amplifies nonprofit efforts and encourages communities to come together and support public good projects.

Every day, nonprofit organizations strive to have greater impact in their local communities, nationally, or for some even globally.  Renovating parks, launching reading programs, beautifying neighborhoods, redoing school playgrounds, curing diseases, supporting dance troupes, promoting STEM education, and serving the underserved are but a few examples.  

LikeMinded offers nonprofit, civic, and public leaders a place to showcase and amplify the good work and impact of their organizations and connect with residents and donors in their communities.  Whether funds are needed for specific programs and projects, or strategic planning and equipment, LikeMinded exists to close the gap between a desire for greater impact and the resources needed to expand programs or services.  

Through LikeMinded you can:

  • create projects worthy of funding that have the potential to expand your impact and address the needs and aspirations of those you serve
  • tell and amplify the story of your nonprofit and how it is making a difference in the lives of people locally, nationally, or globally
  • broaden your reach and engagement of existing and new audiences of donors and volunteers through direct marketing and social media
  • automate your fundraising efforts and increase the dollars raised from small to medium sized contributions
  • showcase your collaborations with business, civic,  philanthropic, governmental, and other nonprofit organizations

  • Ultimately, we want to partner with you in addressing
     the needs and aspirations of those you serve, expanding and deepening your impact, broadening reach and engagement in your local community, increasing brand recognition amongst your stakeholders, and improving the quality of life for more people in your local community or across the U.S. and beyond.