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This Rotary Club of San Francisco annual event for selected local schoolchildren provides new bikes and equipment, as well as training on how to ride safely.

Project Description


San Francisco Bike Build


This Rotary Club of San Francisco annual event for selected local schoolchildren provides new bikes and equipment, as well as training on how to ride safely.

Rotary District: Rotary District 5150

Rotary Club: Rotary Club of San Francisco #2

Date: May 13, 2017 SFUSD location to be announced

Background: Every year the Rotary Club of San Francisco coordinates with one city school to give children a bicycle, which is sometimes their first bicycle.  


Rotary will coordinate with a San Francisco school to develop a list of kids who want to have a bike and can use it in their neighborhoods.  Rotary volunteers will purchase the bikes and deliver them to the build site, usually at a selected school yard on a Saturday, May 13, 2017.  

Additional volunteers will spend much of the morning building the bikes and making sure that they are in perfect working order.  The recipients will arrive at the site in the late morning and will be given their bikes.  

Volunteers will help them adjust the bikes to fit each child’s needs.  Then local police officers will provide a training, with the help of the Rotary volunteers, so that each child knows the rules of the road and is comfortable riding their bike.  The day ends with a simple meal delivered onsite. Each child will receive:

• A bicycle and helmet

• Adjustments to assure perfect fit to their size and needs

• Training in bicycle safety and the rules of the road

• A chance to test out their bicycle skills in a safe environment

Funding Opportunities:

Total funding for the event requires $10,500 and includes the bikes, the build, safety equipment, and meals for all the volunteers and participants. There are several opportunities for giving:

What is needed and unit cost?                               How many?

- Bicycle @$65                                                             100

- Safety helmet and lock @ $20                                   100

- Hot meal at the build site @ $5                                  270

- Tools, permit, etc @ $100                                             7

All funds raised above the target amount will be put towards additional bikes or the next Bike Build. All contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.  Rotary Services, Inc. is a 501c3 arm of the Rotary Club of San Francisco.  Tax ID number 94-6064219.

Volunteer opportunities are available for those who are interesting in helping to build the bikes and help the kids learn to ride them.  It’s fun and personally rewarding.  If you are interested, contact the event coordinator at

Please help us make a child’s day – even their year – by supporting Rotary Bike Build.


The San Francisco Rotary Foundation has generously offered to match dollar for dollar each contribution of $100 or more.

Due to the safety requirements for biking in various San Francisco neighborhoods, the selection of participating elementary schools will be done in cooperation with the San Francisco Unified School district and the San Francisco Police Department.


Free Bicycles for Elementary Sch...

Target Raise $10,500
Funded $11,300
Supporters 11
Launched 02/07/2017
Time Left Closed
Funding Type Flexible

Contribute $100 or more

For US donations of $100 or more, as well as for those who volunteer to build bikes, a Rotary Bike Build shirt will be provided on the day of the event.

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