Who We Are

We are social entrepreneurs – having created, nurtured, and led multiple enterprises for the public good throughout our lives and careers. In founding LikeMinded, our goal is to continue advancing the public good, especially at the local community level where residents live, work, and play. This is our focus because we believe community is essential to all human life – and cities, communities, and neighborhoods are the locales where our sense of place and meaning and quality of life are most vividly experienced. We also believe that the intentional acts of building healthy, resilient, sustainable, and inclusive local communities are essential to advancing a living, thriving democracy in the U.S. or in any democracy. 

While cultivating community and improving the quality of life at the local level is a collective endeavor involving residents and nonprofit, civic, government, business, and philanthropy leaders, we founded LikeMinded as a tool primarily to help nonprofits garner much-needed funding to: expand and deepen their community efforts and impact, broaden their reach and engagement with local residents and other leaders, tell and amplify stories of how they are making a difference, and assume a greater leadership role in uncovering and addressing the needs and aspirations of the community and those they serve.  

Following is more information about us and an acknowledgement of a few formal and informal advisors and influencers who have helped shape our thinking and ideas.

Lynn Luckow

I am a social entrepreneur and four-time CEO, including President & CEO of Jossey-Bass Publishers, transition President & CEO of Northern California Grantmakers, and President & CEO of Craigslist Foundation, where LikeMinded was incubated, and now Cofounder & CEO of LikeMinded. An expert on leadership, strategy, and governance, I have served on or consulted to over 50 nonprofit and business boards, including chairing the board of San Francisco’s Project Open Hand, and the national boards of Chanticleer, Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, and National 4-H Council, for which I was honored as the nation’s top nonprofit board chairman in 2000 by the National Assembly of Health and Human Service Organizations. Currently I serve on the boards of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University (where I was Board Chairman 2013-2015), LikeMinded Communities (the 501c3 partner of LikeMinded), and Delta Upsilon International Fraternity; on the advisory boards of the Tobias Center for Leadership Excellence at Indiana University, Project Open Hand, and World Arts West; and on the Friends of Smuin Ballet.

Andy Patrick

I am a successful serial entrepreneur, creative consultant, leader, and advisor to technology CEOs and a variety of boards. My expertise includes strategic planning across all functions of technology start-ups including branding, product development, social media, sales and marketing, revenue growth, organizational development, online product vision, funding, partnerships, and business development strategies. In addition to my work as Cofounder of LikeMinded, I am CEO of VII Photo and headed up partnerships for online learning platform CreativeLive. Most recently I served as President & CEO of liveBooks, a SaaS website building platform (acquired by WWLB in 2013). I led strategic web design and development consultancy Adjacency (acquired by Sapient in 1999) from a startup to building the first e-commerce solutions for Apple Computer, Patagonia, Virgin Megastores, LandRover, Caterpillar, and Nordstrom. In support of documentary photographers worldwide, I created and led FiftyCrows Foundation, and in support of the homeless, founded the MadHousers and cofounded StreetWise.


With Gratitude to Our Talented Volunteer Team

Mat Dryhurst

Sam Eriksmoen

Lee Ray Johnson

Mark Melvin

Leonardo Nino

Stefan Schumacher

Advisors & Influencers

We are fortunate to have had so many wonderful advisors and guides over the years. Here is a sampling of those who influenced our thinking most in the creation of LikeMinded.

Susan Benton, CEO, Urban Libraries Council

Lucy Bernholz, Stanford Center for Philanthropy & Civil Society

Don Borut, Former Executive Director, National League of Cities

Bruno Bowden, Equity Partner, Data Collective

Juanita Brown, Cofounder, World Café

Diana Campoamor, President, Hispanics in Philanthropy

Ron Carlee, Former City Manager, Arlington, VA | Former COO ICMA

Kexin Chen, Senior Manager of Corporate Marketing, CEO Programs, Salesforce

Jose Cisneros, Treasurer, City and County of San Francisco

Gloria Rubio Cortes, Former President, National Civic League

Donald Floyd, President & CEO Emeritus, National 4-H Council

Marc Freedman, Founder & CEO, Encore.org

Christopher Gates, Executive Vice President, Council on Foundations

Cystal Hayling, Managing Director, Environmental Fellowships, Aspen Institute   

Annie Hernandez, Executive Director, Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation

Rodney Kirsch, Former Senior Vice President for Development, Penn State University

Maegan Lillis, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Downtown Streets Team

Hanmin Liu, Founder & CEO, Wildflowers Institute

Kevin Jones, Founder, SOCAP

David LaPiana, Founder, LaPiana Consulting

Robert Lynch, Americans for the Arts

Andrew Mason, Founder, GroupOn | Detour

Christine Maxwell, Founding Partner, TECHtonic Insight, Inc.

Pamela McLean, CEO, Hudson Institute of Coaching 

Lenny Mendonca, Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Co.

Regina Miranda, CEO, LABAN/Bartnieff Institute of Movement Studies

Richard Moran, President, Menlo College

Perla Ni, Founder & CEO, Great Nonprofits

Robert O'Neill, CEO, ICMA

Katrina Rogers, President, Fielding Graduate University

Michael Rudder, Thermaltech

Andrew Saether, CEO, Beam

Peggy Saika, Former President, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy

Richard Sauer, Former President & CEO, National 4-H Council

Marsha Semmel, Former Director, IMLS

Michael Sherrod, Board Member, Texas Tribune

Anthony Tansimore, Vice President, Olive Grove Consulting

Alder Yarrow, Chief Experience Officer, CIBO

Vance Yoshida, Former Principal, LaPiana Consulting



Peter Block, Author & Provocateur

Peter Drucker, Author & Provocateur

John W. Gardner, Author & Provocateur

Richard Harwood, Founder & CEO, The Harwood Institute

Paul Hawken, Author & Provocateur, Businessman

Frances Hesselbein, CEO, Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute

Virginia Hodgkinson, Former Vice President, Independent Sector

Frederic Hudson, Founding President, Fielding Graduate University

Bob Johansen, Distinguished Fellow, Institute for the Future

James Joseph, Former President, Council on Foundations

David Kirp, Author & Provocateur

John McKnight, Author & Provocateur

Suzanne Morse Moomaw, Former President, Civic Change

Craig Newmark, Founder, craigslist & craigconnects

Brian O’Connell, Founding President, Independent Sector

John O'Neil, Author & Provocateur

James O'Toole, Author & Provocateur

Parker Palmer, Author & Provocateur

Robert Putnam, Author & Provocateur

Lyle Schaller, Author & Provocateur